Welcome to Blogs.got-rave.com!!!

Welcome to Blogs.got-rave.com!!!
This is our new platform since Lyceum never seemed to work correctly as far as comments and has slowed down to almost nothing as far as developement.  I chose Lyceum because of their database structure, so now I need to learn something new it seems!  So welcome and enjoy your visit!

On a more woohoo moment, I just finished the migration a full 5 hours after I started. Of course this included:

  • backing up all the blogs from the old install
  • removing the lyceum install
  • setting up WPMU
  • getting the new users and empty blogs set up
  • importing the old blogs
  • realizing I had botched one of the backups
  • reinstalling the only lyceum install in a back up directory and tweaking it to export the blog
  • realizing the pages did not export
  • hand copied the pages for all blogs to WPMU
  • deleted the backup install
  • slapped my forehead when I realized I didn’t get all the links from the blogs
  • just look at the DB rather than reinstalling
  • got most blogs settled, yay!
  • Started trying to get the main page of Rambling for the masses to display what I wanted
  • Learned way more about WP functions than I wanted to in one day
  • Hacked some PHP together to get what I wanted
  • Sat back and congratulated myself on a job well done
  • Tested my loud twitter feed, it was good.
  • Having a post install drink, should probably go to bed

Wow, no wonder I feel like I was programming for my Visual C++ class again.  Welp I hope it stays working for a while, so I can mark another WooHoo moment, that of keeping this thing alive.  Who knows, I might actually use it now that people can comment.